Booking and Contact Information: Please Read Carefully Before Contacting

Booking Information: 

As I am so physically active, I am very flexible but I sometimes will have marks or bruises from my workouts that can be covered with makeup if need be. I also have some scars and three small tattoos that can be covered up and facial piercings that can be removed for shoots if desired.

I no longer do TF shoots unless they are directly related to a publication in a well known magazine or gallery show and I am promised in writing a percentage of the profits if the prints are sold. I still am very selective with TF projects even when those guidelines are met. 

If you need me to assist with sets, lighting, etc or with other models' needs I am more than willing to do so for a fee. I do however ask that no one who is not directly involved in our shoot be present excluding escorts. 

I am not a makeup artist or wardrobe stylist but can do a variety of makeup styles, own multiple wigs and have a large wardrobe to work with. All makeup and hair in any posted pictures was done by me unless otherwise stated.

Please understand that drastic makeup changes during a shoot take time though I can do so without an MUAH. I do expect to be compensated for that time as well- whether I do the makeup myself or have assistance. 

No videos for print jobs unless expressly consented to in writing. Should you wish to book me for an acting, singing or dancing video please contact me for my rates. 

I require a legal release that all parties involved agree upon that will be negotiated and signed before the shoot begins. 

Safety Issues: 

I reserve the right to bring an escort of my own choosing to a shoot. 

I am uncomfortable shooting when there are any drugs or alcohol involved on set (this applies to me as well). 

Be honest with me about what kind of shoot you wish to do and I will do the same- I love collaborative spontaneous ideas but not without both parties agreeing and it is essential to have a game plan so I may adequately prepare for our shoot. 

Do not touch me unless given express permission and I will do the same.

As I am an IDPA shooter oftentimes my shoots involve guns. If you are interested in a gun related shoot I am more than comfortable but ask that you follow standard safety guidelines as do I. If you do not know these guidelines and are interested just message me and I can let you know. 

Generally I prefer my scars not to be photoshopped out unless it is a paid shoot in which case that is your choice. I do not mind speaking of them in an artistic context but as I am a professional I keep my personal life separate. 

I will not post any of your photos without written consent and require that you do this for me as well. 

I can give you multiple references should you wish and require that you be able to give me at least three references as well. 

Open communication is key on both ends and if you have limits of your own please let me know of them. 

Cancellation Policy:

Modeling is my full time job so I do have a cancellation policy should you decide to book a shoot with me. If you let me know 7 days or more before our shoot I will not charge a fee. Cancelling within 3-7 days will cost 50% of what we had agreed upon and should you cancel within 48 hours of our shoot I expect full compensation. 

This is my job and when you book a shoot with me you are agreeing to this policy. 

*Booking Information* 

Please send me a message at letting me know what type of shoot, when, where, how long, what to bring, if there will be a MUAH, and what compensation will be offered. I am also available for acting, dancing and singing projects and feel free to contact me for rates for this as well.